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  • espii
    edited January 2018
    I just wrote a script for a basic object with TSCircleCollider2D that follows the mouse cursor

    I also wrote a script for an empty gameobject that creates the prefab when spacebar is pressed.

    Code: https://hastebin.com/fofovejusi.cs

    With such simple scripts, you'd think that truesync should be able to support 100s, but this isnt the case... the game starts chugging at around 80 objects.

    This is far too small and pretty much defeats the whole purpose of using lockstep in the first place! Which is to be able to have thousands of units synced across multiple computers.


    This problem seriously needs addressing. If it isn't then, truesync is kinda worthless, and it would be more efficient to simply send the state of the objects through the network using traditional server/client.
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