Photon Engine Version Update Shows No Games Available

Very strange problem. I have an application hosted with multiplayer connectivity. I recently upgraded to Unity 2017 from Unity 5.5 and with that I upgraded Photon from. As I tested my new 2017 build I realized that my new build could not find any games (PhotonNetwork.GetRoomList() always == 0), even though I had games open with production clients of my game. I opened the logs and confirmed that the same CloudRegionCode andGameVersion were used.

I tested 2 old build clients and they can connect, I tested 2 new build clients and they can connect. but the old clients always report 0 games to join when I have created a game on the new build and vice versa.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I am not sure what could be going wrong. The only variable I can isolate is the Photon Engine Asset Version

Old Unity Version: 5.5.5f1
Old Photon Asset Version: v1.84.1

New Unity Version: 2017.2.0f3
New Photon Asset Version: v1.88



  • Hi @MingMan,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    This is not strange.
    It's by design:

    you need to take into consideration PUN's specific AppVersion format: {gameVersion}_{PUN_version}. So if you set the gameVersion to "1.0" in PUN and use PUN version "1.80" then the resulting AppVersion is "1.0_1.80".

    source 1
    source 2
  • @JohnTube thanks for the reference, I must have missed that. I guess everyone will just have to update to play together!
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