Question for the community - Invitation to anyone interested

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to read this,

I have been working on a project for a while now and have a rather clear idea of my mvp (minimal viable product) for a morpg in a 2d world. It will be something like realmofthemadgod.

I have made this work in a couple of way already. First by using Node.js and - this had issues with not supporting WEBGL and therefore I decided to make an attempt at doing it in UNET LLAPI. This worked as well but there were a lot of issues with lag. I beleive that most of this is due to my non fluency with networking. I have been informed that photon would most likely be the better way of doing this if networking is not my forte and so I wish to extend this question to the community.

Am I correct in assuming that the best way to go about making a game like realmofthemadgod would be to use Photon Server?

I would also like to extend the invitation to people who are interested in working on such a product with me to simply PM me if you have experience working with networking. I have done most of the art, color design, environment already as I have worked on a few version of this already. I have also done the coding of the movement and interaction several times over several different network solution so I am quite confortable with that.

in a nutshell what im asking is, if you where making realmofthemadgod ( how would you go about it?

thank you kindly for any input, I truely appreciate it,


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