The version of PUN in asset store is new??

today,i download the new version of PUN on asset store and replace it in my project.
when call function PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(...), get error:
OperationResponse 253: ReturnCode: -1 (Invalid cache operation 4). Parameters: {}

but the same code can connect photon cloud server. :cry:

I use local photon sever: v3-0-15-2544-RC7

i want to known, the version of PUN on asset store is new??


  • Tobias
    Interesting. For me, RC7 works fine.
    Make sure to start the "Photon InstanceLoadbalancing" setup in PhotonControl. This just worked for me.

    Also make sure you didn't just replace the Photon Core to run a adjusted "Lite" application. The logic for the new cache is in Lite or Loadbalancing project.
  • thank you,i find the reason.
    when update the server version RC4 to RC7,need to reinstall service of Photon InstanceLoadbalancing. :D