How to build a level for truesync?

My true sync physics objects just pass through EVERYTHING. Does not matter if its a normal box with a normal box collider or if it's a true sync cube. How am I supposed to make a level of my characters?

My movement is physics based so it should not be my movement that is causing the clipping. In fact, if I do everything the same way just without true sync it works fine. My game is 3d. Also for example, if I drop a true sync cube on another true sync cube they glitch out a bit but eventually just pass through each other. I have not been able to find anything about this in your tutorials.

Thanks for your time.


  • Hi @GreenPls, did you check the "boxes" demo? it has those same issues you mentioned?
  • Thanks for the reply @JeffersonHenrique. It kinda works. But ever so often I get an error now that reads "ArgumentOutOfRangeException: x" It leads to the script "Fix64" Here is that section of the script that throws the error.

    public static FP Sqrt(FP x) {
    var xl = x._serializedValue;
    if (xl < 0) {
    // We cannot represent infinities like Single and Double, and Sqrt is
    // mathematically undefined for x < 0. So we just throw an exception.
    throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("Negative value passed to Sqrt", "x" + x + " " + xl);


    also is there a walkthrough of the box demo anywhere that you know of?
    Thanks for your time I really appreciate it.