What's the best package for me?

Hi! I am making a top-down competitive real-time 2d 1v1 game. The games strongest pillar is its competitive fair environment. With that being said I need something with low lag/jitter.

I was originally going to use photon TrueSync but I've heard they may be dropping support for it in some areas.

In which, i would like to have a backup plan as well. What option do you think would be best for me?

More info about the game if you need:
Uses Physics for combat(You can swing a sword, throw barrels/other objects, etc)
The game will have a ranking system but I think I will integrate that with steam so it shouldn't really apply here.
Gameplay is relatively fast-paced and often relies on amounts of reaction time (hence why having jitter/lag added to your reaction time speeds slowing you down is not ideal.)

Thanks for your time!


  • Hey @GreenPls , any luck on this?
    I am working on a fast paced 2d action game as well and was wondering basically the same thing. Though I think my needs are a bit more "basic" than yours, as this is a co-op game, no real competitive side on it.

    Players can chain combos, parry and that kind of things so response times is quite important.

    Any suggestions?

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