Mixed Reality Toolkit Does not work with Photon for hololens

We are using the latest holotool kit for unity 2017.2 which has to work with photon voice and networking. It shows conflicts for Newtonsoft.Json and Photon3Unity3.dll. Things worked well when we have deleted conflicting dll in the editor level, but we are unable to take the build.


  • Hi @surya_prakash,

    which versions of PUN and Photon Voice are you currently using? If you don't use the latest versions, please try to update the packages. Latest PUN version currently is 1.87, Voice is 1.13.

    I'm not familiar with the MixedRealityToolkit so I took a quick loot at the repository. The problem seems to be that the MixedRealityToolkit uses the Newtonsoft.Json library as well as PUN does. Therefore I would recommend you taking a look at this topic which helps you solving at least this problem. I'm not sure if this is already enough to finally get rid of these issues, so if you are still facing problems afterwards, please let us know.
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