DivideByZeroException PhotonVoice v1.13 Unity (5.6.4f1) (Windows Standalone)

Sometimes photon voice (Unity) spam lots of errors per frame:
DivideByZeroException: Division by zero MicWrapper.Read (System.Single[] buffer) ExitGames.Client.Photon.Voice.BufferReaderPushAdapterAsyncPool`1[System.Single].Service (ExitGames.Client.Photon.Voice.LocalVoice localVoice) ExitGames.Client.Photon.Voice.LocalVoice.service () ExitGames.Client.Photon.Voice.VoiceClient.Service () ExitGames.Client.Photon.Voice.LoadBalancingFrontend.Service () PhotonVoiceNetwork.Update ()
This error has happened in the builded version, but once I've received it in editor. Unfortunately I could not reproduce this error, but it is very critical, since it is spamming a lot of messages.
Next thing which is missing, is disabling logging warnings from photon voice, which are annoyingly always spamming console (like mic sample rate or skipped frames).
And finally, in voice package is extremely missing namespace fix: http://forum.photonengine.com/discussion/9638/namespace-conflict-with-wwise-errorcode


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