How can I access the audio clip created by PhotonVoiceRecorder and PhotonVoiceSpeaker ?

1st of all, congrats on PUN Voice :D it works great. I have good comms going in my project.

But now, I want to save communication records between players on disk. I already have a script that works fine in saving any audio clip. I cannot seem to find the right way to access the audio clip that is being created by these two components PhotonVoiceRecorder and PhotonVoiceSpeaker.
The audio source of each player (except the local one) always points to a clip called AudioStreamPlayer and that always sets the clip length to 1.12 seconds, not recording the full transmission.

Is this possible at all or I should use a totally different approach ? Ex: Not trying to save the audio clip but instead somehow save the AudioStream created by the voices ?

Thanks alot for the help.


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