Missed frames et coroutine

Hello, very good framework (TrueSync) Hope the next version will come soon ;)

I read about missed frames, for example i have 8 frames rollback window with 0.016 locked time step.
I have a acceptable ping 40ms.
  1. I dont understand why i get missed frames? Because i guess i have around 125 ms converage.
  2. Does the lag (for example i got 40 FPS instead of 60FPS) can impact missed frames? Or there is a global background buffer?

Keep the good work ;)

Thank you!


  • glaporte
    Another question about syncedstartcoroutine:

    How do you handle coroutine "merging"?
    I mean i start a routine, if the game rollback the coroutine will be launched again, the first one is deleted?

    Another problem case:

    - The coroutine finish.
    - The game roll back to a previous frame, then all variables setted on the coroutine execution will be rollbacked(tagged as tracked), in the case of the couroutine wont be launched again, does the coroutine will be executed again ? To reset value.

  • JeffersonHenrique
    Hello @glaporte,
    1 - You are right about the coverage, but there are situations where your packets are not processed immediately even if they arrive, because for this old versions of TrueSync an strict order execution is expection in the raw udp packets (this is better handler in our current implementation)

    2 - The coroutines do not support rollbacks, they could lead to some tricky sync issues. The next release for TrueSync will drop support for them, so only things that can be rolledback will be allowed.