Photon Voice

Hello . I have a game fps kit : 3.0. Put it on Photon Voice. You have moved the DemoVoice-PushToTalk-Scene files. voice and pun and UI. Into the game. But when I press on
No sound is heard when the other player is playing


  • Hi @jaafa,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Just to be clear:
    The demo scenes are meant to be a demonstrative illustrative "showcase" example.
    It is not a drag and drop out-of-the-box solution.

    You have moved
    You mean "you" not "us". Why did you move them and to "where"? If you mean from project to project, we recommend importing from the Unity asset store directly.

    Can you try the demos on a new fresh clean project?
    Do you see any errors or warnings in Unity Editor's console logs?

    What is the Photon Voice version?
    What is the Unity version?
  • @JohnTube

    I'm getting my whole year. I use it photon .. I do not know its use because I do not know English. I need someone to get on my computer. Show me how to use it. I am very tired and I am looking for someone to help me. I just use the translation to talk to you .. please please help. Why do not you help me. You are a great company that must take care of my needs .... Thank you
  • I need someone to get on my computer
  • hello
  • I need a Push To Talk video
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