DelayProcessor issue


I've being trying to make the DelayProcessor work.
I created a gameobject with the script attached to it and the "VoiceCreated" message from PhotonVoiceRecorder never gets to the DelayProcessor script.

In addition, how can I send recorded message only when the user has finished record it, instead of live streaming.


  • Hi,

    Attach DelayProcessor script to the object with PhotonVoiceRecorder attached. VoiceCreated message gets delivered between components of the same object only.

    You can send short messages simply by recording them in memory buffer and playback later. Such processor would be very like DelayProcessor but instead of mixing with current microphone signal it will output recorded signal only.
  • Thanks for the tip.
    Can you please elaborate how to store and send recorded data to the processor? I got lost in the pipeline.
  • vadimvadim mod
    edited December 2017

    First make sure that DelayProcessor works with TestVoice demo.
    Add DelayProcessor component from demo folder to PlayerPrefab from resources folder. You nay need to disable voice detection in case input signal is low because each subsequent delayed sound volume is significantly lower than original and may be not enough to trigger the detector.
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