TrueSync sync object model

Hey guys, I am trying to use TrueSyncBehaviour to sync object, and I need to pass a model with some properties across all players. Can anybody point me on what the best way to do it? Or should I use something else? Thanks.


  • Hi @Alexey, this model it is your input for a particular frame?
  • Hi @JeffersonHenrique, yes that's how I do it now. The model is basically a json string which I try to sync after the object has been created. I'm trying to pass it once so I don't overload traffic. But I am new to photon and was thinking if there is a better way to sync such large properties once. Any thoughts would be helpful :)
  • @Alexey if you can build this object before the game starts you could use normal PUN's methods, like a RPC call to sync the object, after that you can start the game and make changes on this object based on the inputs you will send through the game.
  • @JeffersonHenrique thanks, I do it with some objects, but some of the I need to create during the game...