Client not joined to lobby after client leaves room

I constantly get this error: CreateRoom failed. Client is not on Master Server or not yet ready to call operations. Wait for callback: OnJoinedLobby or OnConnectedToMaster.
after client leaves room. I'm doing this check:
if (!PhotonNetwork.insideLobby) { PhotonNetwork.JoinLobby(); }
but it's not help. How can I have a guarantee of entrance to the lobby?


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited November 2017
    Hi @Max,

    You are calling CreateRoom too early.
    You can call CreateRoom only after OnJoinedLobby or OnConnectedToMaster are called.

    How can I have a guarantee of entrance to the lobby?
    PhotonServerSettings already has "Auto Join Lobby" which does this when enabled.
  • Hi @JohnTube ,
    Thanks for your reply. I use auto join lobby in settings. It's not always work for me, I tried to prevent the user from creating a room until the OnJoinedLobby() was called, but sometimes it is never called.
  • @JohnTube I get this error as well now and it didn't happen before it's when I'm in the lobby or create room section idling for a longer time. As well as now we having issues with people connecting to a match already running they flat out crash with no crash report but closed application(build or even unity editor closes completely to desktop) in a blink of an eye fast. Need help on how to prevent this from happening nothing has changed in code and I'm still using Realtime PUN+ not PUN2
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