Is there a Lobby for Photon Thunder like that one in the AssetStore for UNet?

My brother and I made a game using unet HLApi. As we don't know networking very much, we used the Lobby that Unity Technology put in the asset store.
Now we want to move to Photon Thunder, but we want to use that looby (since we don't know how to do it by ourselves and it is exactly what we need).

The prefab of the Lobby we were using has LobbyManager.cs with this heritage:

LobbyManager -> NetworkLobbyManager -> NetworkManager

We were trying to change to the something like this hoping it will work:

LobbyManager -> NetworkLobbyManager -> PhotonNetworkManager

But we couldn't change the NetworkLobbyManager to heritage from PhotonNetworkManager because it's not a script in our assets. Anyone know how to do this and if it will work?

Is there a similar Lobby for Photon Thunder? We need that all the player join a waiting room and only enter in the actual match when they are all ready.



  • It's the same issue I'm currently stuck at!

    Could really use an answer.