truesync tutorial question


I was pretty excited to see truesync as an offering, exactly what I was looking for. I'm running through the tutorial however and when I try to add the truesync manager to the scene nothing happens. No error messages, no object created, etc.

I'm on Unity 2017.2.0f3, wondering if this is a known bug and any workaround? Or am I doing something wrong?


  • Never mind, found the issue. I moved the Photon folders under a parent folder but I guess the paths are hardcoded, Is there a way to not have all of these folders in the root project level?
  • I ran into the same problem (it was quite rude of them to dump folders in the root project directory) and I ended up just dragging prefabs into the scene.
  • Hello @tiggus and @UziMonkey, thanks for reporting, some prefab paths are really hardcorded on the latest version.