Roll back and rigidbody2d velocity

Hello i just began to use True Sync (very great framework!)

When i spam the "JUMP" button of my game the player has normal component on the local machine.
But in remote machine the player seems to be interrupted on JUMP (like if the velocity is set to 0,0,0).

I think its a normal way because the rollback.
But the player never refind its previous velocity.

I use TSRigidBody2D and there is no AddTracking on his velocity member.
I wonder if it's normal?

Thank you.


  • Hi @glaporte, I did not follow what you mean, sorry for the long delay to answer you. Did you make a button so when a player hits it the game object jumps?
  • Hello @JeffersonHenrique the problem seems simple:
    I use TSRigidBody2D on a object.

    Frame t-1 velocity is 0
    Frame t0 i set velocity(y for example) to 100.
    Frame t1 i rollback to frame t-1 (desync issue) BUT the velocity of TSRigidBody2D is still 100 because no tracking ( it is the standard code supplied in package) then continue with lot of logics error..

    Maybe i am wrong.

    Keep the good work.

    Thank you
  • Hi @glaporte, in theory all internal variables related to body movement should be tracked, it may be some issue with that, I will note down your issue to further check, thanks for reporting.