Can we get more information on Photon Quantum?

I saw a talk by the CTO a few months ago and I'm very curious to learn as much as you guy are willing to talk about RE: Photon Quantum. From what I know, it's going to be an RTS/MOBA specific catered solution built on top of your lockstep solution TrueSync. I'm extremely interested in learning more.


  • BurnoutBurnout
    edited April 2018
    I have question too. When it will be costs 95$ or something, like ur other stuff? Or maybe even 20 CCU free?
  • All information of Quantum, which are publicly available, can be found on its product page.
  • Could you publish some roadmap about features you want to add in future? Or tell about these:
    -3D colliders & raycasts
  • Hi guys,

    I'm one of the core developers for Quantum here at Exit Games.

    - Late joins are supported since version 1 (although we're currently making some API changes to make them easier to support from the developer perspective);
    - Reconnects are supported out of the box;
    - 3D colliders and raycasts are under internal beta tests now... They'll be released together with the new SDKs in the next weeks and months (we don't share ETAs);

    Anything business related (as quantum is exclusive for teams who sign up), please send an inquiry to [email protected]

  • About the other questions (sorry for the delay, I was warned of this topic today):

    - Quantum is not based on the old TrueSync (although the fixed point math library evolved from the same original code base). Quantum is a completely different performance-focused implementation of a non-lockstepped predict/rollback simulator.

    - There are no plans to make quantum a 20ccu free for now.

    Even Bolt is not $95 and then free. This is for 100CCU only (just like PUN's 100 ccu tier). Photon products are always based on CCU.
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