Photon Thunder fails to connect


I recently started using photon thunder for my networking and when the players connect it works like a charm. But about 50% of the time the client joining the host gets stuck on joining and doesn nothing.

Photon Cloud
Relay Only

How I connect:
I'm using the NetworkManager that came with the demo and then doing the following:

Gets called when game starts:

When starting a private match this gets called:
manager.matchMaker.CreateMatch(Password, 4, true, "", "", "", 0, 0, OnMatchCreate);

The Callback OnMatchCreate sends all match information to my database and then when a client enters the correct private match code it receives the networkId and connects to that match.

manager.matchMaker.JoinMatch((UnityEngine.Networking.Types.NetworkID)ulong.Parse(WEBSITE_CALLACK_NETWORKID, "", "", "", 0, 0, OnMatchJoined);

That part is working fine, the client does receive the correct NetworkID and photon gives the message joining. However it doesn't always connect.

Also sometimes the networkID looks like this:
And Sometimes like this:

The joining part seems unrelated to that though.


  • ramonmelo
    Hello WDev,

    The callback methods that you are passing to the CreateMatch and JoinMatch are from the same NetworkManager class, right ? Did you tried the punchthrough option ? It's expected that your players should connectet with less ping and more reliability.