License download error.

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I'm getting an error while trying to download the 100cc free license
Sorry, but the page you were trying to get to does not exist.

Are your links outdated for the free 100cc download?


  • I don't know where you found the link but by now, the 100CCU license is a personal download. You need an account (free, of course) and then you can download it where the server SDKs are, too:
  • Thanks. I guess i wasn't logged in when I was attemping to down load it the other night. Thanks for the help. Now back to trying to figure out why the tutorial I followed is giving me an error.
  • I've been getting this error trying to download either license for a few days:

    "Sorry, but the page you were trying to get to does not exist."

    I'm logged in to both the main site and the forums (posting here :| )
  • weepdrag: I don't know what's wrong there, sorry. You could try to sign out and re-login going to the download page. Maybe some cookie is "stuck". Also, feel free to register with another email address as workaround.

    If this fails, mail us which email address you used for your Exit Games account registration and we'll take a look.