Should I wait for TrueSync?

Hi, I'm using photon for my multiplayer game and I'm very interested in TrueSync, because I need physics determinism. I know it is in early stage, but will it support ray casting methods and dynamic player connections in future? If so, can you provide an approximate date of this features release? I must decide, should I wait for truesync or look for another way to implement my needs, thanks.


  • Hi @NBGYALTA, we may probably drop support for our current 3D physics in next updates, and dynamic player connections will depend of a few variables that we can't predict right now. As I can't give to you a strong position I advise you to look for other possibilities, to not affect your development. Photon has also Bolt, it could be very good to your need, it is not a deterministic physics but have some advanced sync mechanisms.