Which is better solution of Photon for develop multiplayer in unity3d?

I am working on a multiplayer(LAN/Online) educational game in UNITY3D for all platforms including AR/VR with the hundreds of activities and I load these activities through asset bundle one a time. A activity has 3D Models, camera animations, 3D model animations, drag & drops and sliders. I don't need first or third person controller.

In this setup teacher can connect as master client and all students can join that server only, students can not connect with each other.

There is two mode in game:

1.Teacher Mode:
 Teacher can conduct lecture using 3D interactive Models (Activity) which will be viewed by students.
 Student can not control activity only chat(voice/text) with teacher.
 Teacher can kick out any student during lecture.
 Teacher can block/unblock any student.
 During lecture if student get disconnected he should auto sync to the current status of the lecture once reconnected.

2. Student Mode:
 Student can play activity assigned by teacher.
 Teacher will get the progress report of the student during activity.
 If possible teacher can pick a student from a list and see his current screen and control it.

So I have average knowledge about uNet.
Photon have so many other options like Bolt, PUN ant Thunder etc., Can You suggest us which plugin better suits our needs.

Thanking you
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