RoomProperty with Construct2

I can't get custom properties to work, maybe I missed something.

When a player joins or leave I do:
Set custom property "team1" of my room to Team1Count
Set custom property "team2" of my room to Team2Count

When I log to console int(Photon.PropertyOfMyRoom("team1")) I get the correct value.

When I get the room list I want to check team1 and team2 values before joining a room.
Now I'm trying to get the properties with Photon.RoomProperty function.
I do a System.Repeat on Photon.RoomCount
and tried to log
int(Photon.RoomProperty(Photon.RoomNameAt(loopindex), "team1"))
int(Photon.RoomProperty("team1", Photon.RoomNameAt(loopindex)))
but I always get 0.

Are the parameters wrong or is it something else?
Thanks a lot!