how to increase max players with local server

Hi dev
I am using UNET before and change to Photon Thunder because UNET server is so slow and expensive .
But I have a problem with Photon Thunder that the Max Player options .
I am using Photon Thunder to connect the Local Server( Photon Server , The Default Loadbalancing Application with 100 CCU Free License) .
I changed Maxconnections on "PhotonNetworkManager.singleton.maxConnections = 30"
And it's fine on the rooms list , its shows me 1/30 when created the room .

But When the room joined more than 10 players , the other players can't join to game .

I think I have 100 CCU , so I can support 100 connections as same time .

Or could you tell me what's is the CCU mean , does 100 CCU only support 10 players online ?

Or how to change the max players per room on LoadBalancing Photon Server Application ?