Exchange messages without being online

Hi, I'm new using Photon so I'm sorry for ignorance :)
but would like to know if you have how to make a message exchange between users without the need for both to be online? Something like sending a message to the user and he can receive the message it as soon as it logs, even if it has been more than a day.


  • JansonCJansonC
    edited September 2017
    My idea is to create a cache information class for each user in the cache layer of the server, such as Dictionary >. Then you can choose how much time to clean up the cache once. Or when a user's information exceeds the number of times, clean up the user's information cache. In this way, regardless of whether the user is online, he received the information will always be stored in the server, as long as he gets online after the server information cache data on it.
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