Packing all input into a single byte array

I was wondering if there are any downsides to packing all player input into a single byte array? Like, will that interfere with the predictive rollback code at all?


  • I think that's what SetBool does.
  • Hi @WhaleFood, it should not interfere in the rollback process, but the exposed API for bytearray has gain some performance improvements in our current trunk version, you may avoid that for now to reduce gc calls.
  • Thanks @JeffersonHenrique. I know it may be hard to say, but do you have have an estimate on when your current trunk version might be released?
  • I have said some ETA in other topis in this forum, but unfortunately we want to make sure that you have a good experience and feel some improvement in the engine and we are fixing and improving some complex staff in the core, so... I could say we will release a version until the end of the year, maybe next two months.
  • Sounds good. Thanks!