Mobile performance

Hello guys, I have seen on some posts on the forum during January some acknowledgments that the performance improvement on mobile will be shipped into TrueSync.
So now we are at September, and I'm going to start developing a game which can really use TrueSync concept and implementation but I have a few concerns and I hope you can help me address them.

How is TrueSync performance on mobile networks as 4g?
Is TrueSync full scale production ready, specifically for mobile games?
What settings do you guys advise or suggest to use in the TrueSync config for mobile games that will mostly work on 4g networks? Like for example, input delay, rollback etc...
What kind of mobile games are a no go for TrueSync and why?
Has been performance improvements for mobile games since January?

I had previously developed other games using photon views and it worked amazingly well, but in those cases they were turn based games so no need for lockstep algorithms.

I appreciate very much the time and the dedication to build such an amazing product.

Thank you very much.


  • Also what are the recommended sendRate and sendRateWithCompression for mobile networks
  • Hello @martinlck, first of all thanks for using Photon, I can resume most of your questions saying that TrueSync's performance in mobile is relative, we have games deployed with old versions of TrueSync and a lot of improvements has been done since that time. Games with several units hit performance in a mobile environment. We are working on approaches to reduce a lot this impact, but the current released version may not work well for your game. How is it? can you describe a little bit? how many units do you expect?
  • Hello @JeffersonHenrique thanks for your answer, the game that I'm using TrueSync only has 2 units, and it wont change since the gameplay mechanic is similar to a pvp fighting game but with a lot of limitations to make it work properly, but the art and animation is very high quality.
    So I guess it should work fine if the threshold on the performance is based on the game objects that need to work under true sync.
  • Good @martinlck, so if you have any questions about TrueSync' features or to ask if something is possible with the engine feel free to ask about it.