Will TSRaycastHit2D ever get 'point' and 'normal' information?

I know you guys have said in other threads that you are focusing on core, and aren't updating the physics soon, but I really think the point information is essential and without it, raycast seems useless.. maybe it's just me but I don't think i've ever used a raycast without also using the hit point position

for example here, I wanted this 'grappling hook' to be an instantaneous line, but without any raycast point info for it to connect to, I had to make it a fast moving collider instead and its pretty awkward.

and what about for guns in other games? how can raycasted bullets work without point? Is there something I'm missing or another way to get hit point information?


  • JeffersonHenrique
    Hello @keeps, well I totally agree with you. The information is there but we didn't added before to keep consistency with 3D physics, you can take a look of how TSRaycastHit2D is generated, you will see an internal use of Farseer engine. You could check the original raycast result and get the information you need.