I am currently porting our game to PS4, and I'd like to know how to set up the authentication flow to allow the photon servers to connect to PSN.
Thunder works fine for the discovery and the nat determination until it tries to establish the connection and get "Socket: bind failed, error: Permission denied". It is expected as PSN requires specific authentication I suppose.
We are also using PlayFab and the setup for it is super simple: we gave the client id/secret to playfab and when connecting to PlayFab I first request an authentication code from PSN from the PS4 that I pass to PlayFab when connecting, then PlayFab uses that to connect to PSN.
I expect we need something similar for Photon, but I have no idea how we can do it:
- how do I pass a auth token/id token to Photon when connecting? in Thunder the connection is automatic and I have no way to configure anything outside of the basic PhotonThunderConfig
- how do I inform Photon Cloud of the client id/secret that will be needed in case we use relay?
- or do I fundamentally misunderstand how this stuff works?




  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @marcod,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Send us an email to developer at photonengine dot com with:
    - a proof that you are a certified PlayStation developer
    - AppID given by PlayFab add-on

    PS4 clients will not authenticate using PlayFab but using PSN.
    You will have to manage how to integrate PlayFab later.
  • marcod

    I will do, I have already used the link on SCE dev net to confirm my developer status which should have sent an email to you.
    and to clarify, I have already integrated PlayFab without any issue, my problem now is to get multiplayer working.