Error logging in with facebook in the SDK demos

Hello, I'm trying to develop multiplayer for a HTML5 game and I'm just testing stuff in photon; the examples are great and everything seemed ready to go until I tried to login via FaceBook.
So I set up the facebook provider in the app's details - both appID and secretID are set.
Next I add the appID in the cloud-app-info.js file for the demo-particle, clear cache and cookies and refresh the demo.
The FB login button shows up and all seems okay, I hit the button, authorize the app in the popup and.. I get this error in the demo : Error 1101 Master authentication failed .
The user seems logged into facebook, the picture and name show up instead of the login button now, but it doesn't look like the user is logged in correctly; if I refresh the page I get the same error (same thing happens with in demo-loadbalancing, although the error is slightly different: Error 3101: NameServer authentication failed )
Help please ! :smile:

Here's a cutoff from the browser console (can't post the whole thing, is't too big apparently):

Demo: State: Uninitialized -> ConnectingToMasterserver Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Demo: Connecting to Master ws:// Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: PhotonPeer[_addListener] - Adding listener for event error Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: PhotonPeer[_addListener] - Adding listener for event 219 Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: PhotonPeer[_onConnecting] - Starts connecting ws:// ..., raising "connecting" event ... Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: PhotonPeer[_onConnect] - Connected successfully! Raising "connect" event ... Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: Connected Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: PhotonPeer[sendOperation] - Sending request: {"req":230,"vals":[224,"6ec13d29-8b09-4f21-99b5-d9207ec9c137",220,"1.0",217,0,216,"token=EAADCXWxVxxABAAu5p7emsnwSV5kmGZCWqk2ZC1tQLqZAj2N5Y8ZCkcXkf7w6CWFjVlFSxZC2p9QUSd44ZAdBuagdZCbUwADZB1VJsXojzBG4NJxxjPBYMuuhZCvXoza2ZAaXmlrHHiQP7QStRoQztidhkAP4Xa4VQWz6ZCUCGKG2gaMFVSPZCW7BbtbenxuaFsHpfB8bLLF9cKARRAZDZD"]} Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: Authenticate... Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: PhotonPeer[_onMessageReceived] - Socket received message: {"err":32755,"res":230,"msg":"Authentication type not supported"} Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Master: resp Authenticate {"errCode":32755,"errMsg":"Authentication type not supported","vals":[]} Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Demo: State: ConnectingToMasterserver -> Error Photon-Javascript_SDK.js:679:37
Demo: Error: 1101 Master authentication failed


  • Hi,
    We had temporal issue on 18 Aug afternoon affecting authentication. It's fixed now. Please check if your app is working.
  • Hello,
    I'm afraid I'm getting the same error, still 1101 following an "Authentication type not supported" log message. Should I also re-download the SDK ?
    Thank you !
  • Can you please check again if it works for you now? You do not need to download SDK.