Will continuous collision detection be implemented?

Unitys RigidBody2D's have a 'Collision detection' option, discrete is normal, and continuous is for more accurate collisions that are more expensive, wondering if this feature is planned


  • I've since learned that "Speculative Contacts" in the global config is the option for continuous collision detection.
    In box2d it's a setting per rigidbody, which is preferable because then you can select only important or fast moving objects, rather than set it globally, which i assume is a much bigger performance hit
  • JeffersonHenrique
    You are right @keeps, actually the 2D physics has this option, but first we try to keep the same API for both physics. If you take a look in the source you could adjust by yourself if you want.
  • ok thanks! i'm glad its still possible, I'll look into this if i hit performance problems