Best option for MMO game? I don't understand some things.

Good afternoon, I am currently developing an MMO game in Unity, and one problem I have had is about the multiplayer connection, I really understand very little about it, about CCU, 100 CCU means that only 100 players will be able to connect to my game? 500 messages per room, we talk about chat? What happens if the number of players is exceeded?

As you can see I really do not know many things, this is my first game and I thought that the theme of the multiplayer was going to be a little easier, and I was very surprised by the prices, yesterday I saw Unity servers and prices for only 500 players around 437dlls per month. I am sorry for the inconvenience and I may have asked very silly questions, but I want to fully understand this topic.


  • Bluntly the truth is, using PUN is simply not an option unless and I say this in all seriousness, unless you can make each piece of the map a separate room (E.G. - the regions)... Like example lets use Guild Wars 2 as an example.

    Yo are in Ascalon City, well - force a set number of players E.G. 5 players max per room, after that - it creates another (room) for 5 more people to join that same room. Then have it when you walk outside the city (or ANY) transition between loading levels/regions to be a room with a limited number of players.

    So steps
    • Load game
    • Join or create a server based on where you want to go
    • if there is an available room for that (specific level) available - then join it.
    • if the room is full - create a new room for that level and allow others to join it
    • if you try to transition into another *(loaded) level area, do the same steps as above.
    But you will NOT, under any circumstance with PUN be able to handle E.G> 60 people in one area.
    Now with Photon Server, you are free to design how you want, using multiple servers and blending them, etc. Won't be easy, but hey - if this game is something you really want to make, then getting the server licenses and gaining the knowledge to do just that won't be too much for you.
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