1.0.4 cannot connect to server in China

Hi I was using 0.0.9 for Unity5.6. And it supports China region. When I switched to 1.0.4 from Asset Store, I could never connect to CN region successfully, while other regions work as normal.

I switched back and CN region worked again. So I think it's probably the problem with 1.0.4. Hope you fix it soon! We can't give up CN region when releasing the game.


  • Hi, just to be sure, did you follow the steps as described in https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/realtime/current/reference/regions/ ?
  • zacx_zzacx_z
    edited August 2017
    Yeah. I've unlocked mainland China region, so that's why it used to work.

    I had a lot try again. It seems I was wrong. I just could not connect to CN region randomly on any versions when I am at home (it is better when I was at office). If I turn on a VPN to tunnel out of China, I could connect again (with high latency).

    It seems the service is just unstable (with GFW possibly).
  • From our experience, connections are only reliable, if you do not have to pass GFW. So, connecting to CN region only makes sense, if you are in China mainland.
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