How Photon can work (with the webplayer)?


I've started to work with Photon & the bootcamp demo (loaded from asset store) and there really something that I don't understand.

In the folder Assets/Plugins we have the PhotonUnity3D.dll. And C# script from the folder Assets/Photon using the namespace ExitGames.Client.Photon;

But in the Unity3d doc it said we can't use plugin with Unity3d WebPlayer
Note: Plugins are a Pro-only feature. For desktop builds, plugins will work in standalones only. They are disabled when building a Web Player for security reasons.

ExitGames use some hack (or deal with Unity3d Studio) for use PhotonUnity3D.dll ? Because I'm really interested to use plugin with the webplayer.



  • Tobias
    It's not a native plugin. That's the whole magic :)
    In principle the dll is a package of c# code and that's fine for webplayers and export to mobiles.
  • Ok... good tricks :)
  • Kaiserludi
    Ok... good tricks :)
    Well, not really a trick, more an unprecise part of the Unity documentation. It has to be: "Note: Native (for example C, C++, or objC) Plugins are a Pro-only feature."