Thunder Getting started problems


I know it just came out, but has anyone managed to successfully install Thunder on their project yet?

For me the issues are related to read/write access to Unity's installation folder, so the copying over of files doesn't work during Thunder -> Install (or Uninstall for that matter).

Also, do we have a thunder slack chat / dedicated forum somewhere that I haven't seen for getting extra info fast?


  • That might be an issue indeed. Can you try to run Unity with admin privileges and then install? This should fix the issue and enable the installer to backup/replace the needed files.

  • Hello,
    Are you trying to install in which Unity version ? What is your OS ? Did you tried to run Unity as admin ?

    Ramon Melo
    Thunder Developer
  • So,

    Unity 5.6.2p4, Windows 10 64bit.

    Unity without admin -> Can't copy anything, not even the version.txt file
    Unity with admin -> Copies a few files, gets stuck when copying dll's. With an install and an uninstall I was left with a broken Unity installation.

    Worked around it by giving the installer a folder in an accessible folder (not under Program Files), copying over the Shared and UnityExtensions/Unity/Networking folders and then running it. After succesfully installing, I manually copy the folders over to Program Files and overwrite the originals.

    I've received support since then, and it's my understanding that this is fixed in v104. Haven't tried as I can't risk another Unity-wide issue at this time (couple of deadlines coming up).
  • Me too. Unity 5.6.2p4, Windows 7 64bit. I can't tell if all files are being copied, but something happens because networking is broken after I restart Unity and Thunder doesn't seem to be fully installed. I had to uninstall/reinstall Unity to get things working again. I'll wait until there's a better solution for this before I try again. Perhaps if there were directions for manually installing, moving, baking up files that the installer does, I'd do it myself and see where the problems start.
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