New examples please...


I include photon in new wrapper (Bennugd)

Is possible include new examples in native SDK how :

+ RPC example
+ Level serialize
+ PhotonViews in Native



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    Hi @coldev.

    "RPC example" - PUN RPCs are a concept based on the existence of PhotonViews, so they don't make sense for other Photon Clients than PUN.However they are just an abstraction layer on top of opRaiseEvent(), with which you can do anything that you could do with PUN RPCs.
    "Level serialize" - A demo for that does not make much sense as it is very game specific how the data for a level might look. For a general custom type serialization example please refer to demo_typeSupport.
    "PhotonViews in Native" - I can't see how that would make sense. PhotonView is something very specific to Unity3D.

    So, no, sorry, but I can't see such demo projects being added in the future.

    If you have more specific questions about how to achieve sending certain data, then asks those here and we might be able to clear things up.
  • PUN examples is more charming..


    But is possible share a example loading big data ?

  • Hi @coldev.

    What do you have in mind, when you say "big data"?
    And what do you mean by "loading"? Load it from which source location and to which destination?

    In the way you have phrased it now, it sounds like something that has nothing to do with Photon at all.
  • i take a look a demo_typeSupport

  • New Bennugd Photon wrapper

    Bennugd Photon
  • Hi @coldev.


    However let me just clarify one point:
    In your posts in the linked thread in the Bennugd forum you state that up to 1,000 CCU would be possible with Photon Cloud.
    Actually there is no upper limit for the CCU.
    We have several games running on Photon Cloud that each have 50,000 or even 100,000 CCU. Each of the games which have that many CCU, also has way over 10 Million installs and generates millions of dollar each month.

    So, while even 1,000 CCU is already a huge success and a number that the average game will never see, even the most successful games in the world with millions of sells and top 10 positions in every app store run on Photon Cloud just fine.
  • fixed
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