TrueSyncBehaviour player ownership

Hi :) ,
I have a simple question, which solution I couldn't find at the documentation site.
My problem is this error.., how to set the ownership of GameObject in TrueSync behaviour??
Thanks for any kind of help :) .

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  • JeffersonHenrique
    Yep @blubwage, another thing @Vokyczech is that you can have code that doesn't belong to player, which you can see in the demo "boxes". A TrueSyncBehaviour without owner could easily led to a sync error between multiple instances, so we remove this possibility a long time ago and added that warning message.
  • Vokyczech
    @blubwage your solution is working, thank you! And @JeffersonHenrique, thanks for your explanation, it will improve my thinking about the whole ownership thing in the future.
    ...and sorry for late my late reply, guys, but I hadn't time on programming recently :)