Why does the host 'launch' the level so much earlier than the other players in the room?

When I have 2 players in the room, I hit 'start' on the host which calls the Photon.LoadScene function - and it loads SO much faster on the host than on the others.

Its almost like the scene finishes loading on the host before the others get the command to start loading the scene. Is that normal??


  • Here's a video demonstrating the issue.

  • Hello @Xelnath, it is really very easy to note the gap between both starts! Did you set "PhotonNetwork.automaticallySyncScene"?
  • Yes, I did!

  • PhotonNetwork.automaticallySyncScene = true;
    PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings ("v1.0");
    var player = PhotonNetwork.player;
    player.NickName = string.Format("Controller {0}", player.ID);

    PhotonNetwork.JoinOrCreateRoom ("autoRoom"+(3+Mathf.RoundToInt(Time.time)), null, null);
    AutoConnect = true;
    PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel ("NetworkedInputTest/_DanPalace2");
  • Strange, can you send a simple project with two scenes where this problem happens? I can check it out here. Thanks!