Trouble reconnecting

I'm trying to make chat automatically reconnect when the user becomes disconnected (due to being disconnected from their network for example). I figured it would be as simple as just calling the connect method again, but I keep getting disconnected via "Authentication Request error: 32755. Disconnecting."

I should note that I am using Facebook authentication and that I reuse the authvalues from when the user first logs in (since there has not been enough time for the user token to expire yet).


  • JohnTube
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    Hi @cjlazar,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Interesting report.

    Does this happen all the time? I mean every time you try to reconnect or it happened few times.
    Maybe there was an issue with facebook authentication provider. I will need to ask my colleagues on Monday. When did this happen exactly? if you can provide time period.

    Did you try using a new token?
  • So I finally got it working recently and all I had to do was to make a new instance of AuthenticationValues every time I wanted to reconnect. Prior to this, I just cached my authvalues and was using that to reconnect.

    I realize now that that is probably better anyway and that I should just go ahead and request for the token, as there is no guarantee that the user token remains valid when I try to reconnect. I can confirm however that even when the token remains valid, trying to reconnect with the cached authvalues resulted in an authentication failure 100% of the time.