TsTransform Lags Behind the Object

Greetings everyone,

I've tried searching for similar questions but so far I've found none.

I'm trying to make the TsTransform follow another object around, I've tried parenting but it doesn't seem to work so rather than that I've written the following:

/*** Code ***\

public override void OnSyncedInput() {
TrueSyncInput.SetTSVector(10, _parentTransfom.position);
TrueSyncInput.SetFP(13, _parentTransfom.rotation.x);
TrueSyncInput.SetFP(14, _parentTransfom.rotation.y);
TrueSyncInput.SetFP(15, _parentTransfom.rotation.z);
TrueSyncInput.SetFP(16, _parentTransfom.rotation.w);

public override void OnSyncedUpdate() {

myTsTransform.position = TrueSyncInput.GetTSVector(10);

FP lRotationX = TrueSyncInput.GetFP(13);
FP lRotationY = TrueSyncInput.GetFP(14);
FP lRotationZ = TrueSyncInput.GetFP(15);
FP lRotationW = TrueSyncInput.GetFP(16);

myTsTransform.rotation = new TSQuaternion(lRotationX, lRotationY, lRotationZ, lRotationW);


However the object always seems to "drag" or "lag" behind the original one rather than accompanying it 1 to 1.

Has anyone had similar problems? Any solutions?

Thank you for your time in advance!

Best regards,