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  • Cloud is dead for almost a day?

    From last night (GMT+7) till now, we always get disconnect return and can not connect to Photon Cloud.
  • At the moment, I have no problem connecting and I don't know of other issue reports. Maybe it was a problem due to distance?
    Is EU the best regional server for you? Please try the ones listed here:
  • We'll have a Photon Cloud maintenance on all regions tomorrow, 06/30:

    US: 9-10 AM UTC
    EU / US / JP: 8-10 PM UTC

    Please expect a downtime of max. ~ 15 minutes (but probably much less) per region.

    Please follow us on Twitter for the most recent status updates of Photon Cloud:
  • Photon Cloud EU: we are currently working to resolve some issues that were caused by last night's maintenance. Connectivity will be fully restored during the next hour.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!
  • All issues on Photon Cloud EU are now resolved.

    We apologize for the inconvenience!
  • Hi, is the US-region cloud down? Doesn't seem to be creating rooms or something.
  • Hello,

    we had a network issue on Photon Cloud US, users were not able to create / join rooms for the last ~ 30 minutes. The issue is now fixed.
  • ok no probs, thanks for the info!
  • We'll have a maintenance window on Photon Cloud EU / EU-EAST / US tomorrow, 12/19, from 8 - 12 AM UTC. Each region will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour during that time. ... 9688685568
  • Hi,
    We are using photon cloud for our products and in general we are really liking your cloud service.
    Even so, we would appreciatie it if there would be a heads up of these maintenances a little bit more ahaid of time. Even better would be to have the maintenance occur during the night times (but I assume this is not the case because of different regions having maintanance at the same time).
    Because we are giving a demonstration of our product in a short time it's important to us to know if the service will be online from 1 AM on (which it should be according to the post). Thanks for your time and effort.
  • Hey Jeroen,
    In some cases, we just can't do much about it: When we find out something is not as good as needed, we want to react before things actually break.
    We (like hopefully most of you, too) want take a few days off over the holidays, so when we found out the Master Server is not up to it's task anymore, we had to exchange it.

    We are not exactly happy with the announcement-timing ourselves and will do our best to get better.
    Thanks for bearing with us.
    All the best for the demonstration!
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