Trying to discern if Photon is right for me

Hello, I am currently working on a mobile game project and am trying to figure out if this is right for my project.
For lack of more specific details, I'll say I'm making a Clash of Clans clone. So city building and multiplayer invasions are a thing. As I understand it, I'll need a server that can keep track of all players accounts, be able to tick and edit their accounts for resource acquisition, and be able to pit players against each other.

I have been researching around, but something that pops up often is that photon can't run custom server code? Which sounds like it wouldn't be able to do these things. I am here double checking if this is true, or was I misunderstanding said information and photon can do what I need it do do?


  • Don't listen to such negativity.

    Granted as far as I know, no networking package in the world does all the above. It comes from multiple resulting backend services.

    Granted photon isn't the best for cheat prevention, but there's ways of working around that if you know how to be creative.

    But account stuff, is generally and better to handle on a backend service. E.G. - A separate server or multiple servers.

    If a networking solution had it built into it, I wouldn't trust it. If your game get's DDOssed you can result in data loss and corruption.

    So yes, you can have player accounts, but it's better to do this VIA Backend Services, but make sure you know what you're doing because you have to deal with security to prevent hackers and protect user information.

    ---- I don't speak for Exitgames ---- I am just speaking from my experience and knowledge.
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