Hello. Tutorials about Photon MMO? and questions how to make MMO.

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I found Photon.MMO example in Photon Server package and it looks interesting for me. I want to know more about it. I tried to understand the code but I still dont understanding many parts of code. Is there instruction about this code or is there available tutorial: how to make MMO using Photon Server? I need next things:
1.How can I make primitive physics using Photon Server? I need make something like an Unity Collider for walls so players will not be able to move into walls etc. (In Unity I too have colliders, but players can hack client-side so I want to make simillar colliders on server-side)
2.Bullets. And it collisions&moving&killing players on server side, reflecting by walls etc

How would you make move for get max protect and optimize traffic usage and server cpu usage? I tried send coords and on serverside checking, if newposition-prevposition more than limit then move player back to old position etc. Or better send from client direction and move it on server? I think this way is better but its need better server-side physics.


  • Hi, @RandomMan

    we do not support MMO any more. it is quite complex and too trick to understand all details

    please take a look at docs : https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/onpremise/current/applications/mmo/mmo-concept

    they may explain some details
  • There's nothing what I need. You don't know how to make physics in Server-Side? I not make MMO, It's just online game with rooms but logics should be on server-side!
  • >You don't know how to make physics in Server-Side?
    well, we are developers of network tool. so this question is kind off topic.

    for physics you need to use some external lib. look to what they need and try to satisfy their requirements.

    usually server side logic needs ticks. this ticks can be simulated by while(){} cycle or in case of photon you may try to use ScheduleOnInterval method of Rooms fiber. but you shuld keep in mind that this method is not precise. so if you schedule your logic to run every 100 ms it may will not run exactly every 100 ms, but 100 + 10ms depending on how active your players are

  • Okay three questions more:
    1.Bounding box class in Photon.MMO it's similar to Unity Collider?
    2.What differences between
    using PhotonSocketServer with ClientPeer
    using PhotonSocketServer.RPC with Peer?
    3.What is it fibers?
  • And can someone answer my questions in telegram/skype? (only chat). Someone who knows good Photon Server architecture and was doing logics on Server?
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