what to do on suspend on iphones?

So, what is the best way to deal with photon multiplayer when the game gets suspended for various reasons (ie, text messages, push/local notifications, phone calls, etc) ?

Ideally it would be nice if i could send a rpc to everybody else notifying them so everybody could pause with a timeout, but I don't know if photon still has the ability to process messages while the app is suspended. (i'm guessing not).
What are other people doing in this scenario?



  • when the app is suspended it will lose connection and you are out of the MP so yeah an RPC could help you saving the 10s to the timeout

    and no you can't process any messages in such a case anymore, iOS will just stop your execution completely.
  • that's what i suspected. darn.

    Is every scenario I mentioned the same?

    ie, what if a user gets a text or push notify, and closes the window within seconds. it seems like the app will have an opportunity to respond to stuff and stay connected. while those alerts are up, will any processing happen?
  • iOS5 changes how notification happens, the will no longer block or take over.
    but anything that blocks will prevent any processing from happening, be it the banners that are there as alternative to the notification bar, be it phone call.

    also, anything that blocks won't do it within seconds but within a few dozen to a very few hundred ms (its meant for 'do a state sync now and then get lost' operations)