Latest Unity TrueSync physics broken?

Hello everyone.
FYI I'm testing TrueSync on 2 different projects. One of them is using the latest version of the Unity package and the other one the previous.
In the one that uses the new version, the physics Layer Collision Matrix doesn't seem to work: stuff that are supposed to collide don't. Works fine in the other project.

Is it just me?


  • Hi @Eugenio_IT, another guy reported some strange behaviour in Collision Matrix, but it was a mistake of him, that Collision Matrix works similar to Unity, it is a "ignore" collision matrix, so you have to check on the collision you don't want to happen. If you know all of that and are doing it already it will help if you provide some sample project with the mentioned issue. Thanks.
  • Eugenio_IT
    edited July 2017
    Hello @JeffersonHenrique and thank you a lot for your reply.

    Sorry but honestly I think I'm a little bit confused about this.
    I'm pretty sure that the Unity collision matrix specifies which collisions you want to happen: if you have 2 layers you want to collide, then you tick the corresponding box of the matrix.

    Are you actually saying that the TrueSync collision matrix is the opposite? So, in TrueSync, if I want 2 layers to collide I need to have the corresponding box of the matrix unticked... is this right?

    If this is the case I strongly recommend you to change the name of the matrix that appears in the Inspector to something like "Layer Ignore Collision Matrix" (at least for the Unity plugin) because as a navigate Unity user it's going to be impossible to realize this if not reading docs or posting on forums !! :wink:

    I'll have a go by inverting the matrix.
    Thanks !! :smile:

    UPDATE: I did invert the matrix and everything seems to work now. Thanks for the hint !! :smile:
  • Thanks @Eugenio_IT, it is inverted as you noticed, it should be like Unity does.