(Beginner) Where to start for adding Photon Chat to a game?

Hello; I am adding networking capabilities to a turn-based card game in Unity which requires a simple chat. After struggling with UNET for quite some time, I have decided to jump to Photon. However, Photon Chat's page on this website boasts that developers may add chat to their apps "in minutes," yet with the resources provided, it feels nearly impossible to me. The "Getting Started" page for Photon Chat is too vague to help me, nor did attempting to read through the code for the Photon Chat Demo.

I have no idea where to start after setting up my project with AppIds for both PUN and Chat and importing the PUN package with the Photon Chat API included. Am I missing something crucial here? I'd love it if someone is kind enough to explain to me how I can add a simple chat to a game.