PhotonNetwork.Destroy not working as expected

I have an issue where I'm using PhotonNetwork.Instantiate and PhotonNetwork.Destroy to create/destroy objects across clients. The problem is that destroy isn't working. Objects get destroyed on the owner client but is left over in all the other clients. Am I missing something?


  • What PUN version do you use?
  • Sorry, what is a PUN?
  • Photon Unity Networking
  • I'm not sure where I find the version info but I'm using the one build as of Oct 21 I think.
  • On the original question: Yes, this is most likely buggy. At least, if you instantiate and send RPCs before more players are joining.

    We know it is and the solution is now in testing, which means we will go live with that soon. A bit more background:
  • On the asset store page of Photon Unity Network, where you can also redownload it to be sure to be on that version :)