unreal engine 4 particle demo in local server

Tested the app "particle demo" in the cloud
Everything works ok. (ServerAddress -ns.exitgames.com)
Then I tried to run via Photon Control
Run LoadBalancing app and set GameServerIpconfig - - my local address
and try in UE4 "particle demo" project set ServerAddress param

But there is an error connection failed with error 1039

Also tried

but unsuccessfully


  • Hi @WolfgangAbersdorf.

    Please be aware clients need to specify not only the correct server address, but also the correct server type.
    The default address ns.exitgames.com and the default server type is ServerType::NAME_SERVER.
    For connections to a local server however you need to pass ServerType::MASTER_SERVER.

    However something else must be wrong here as with just specifying the wrong server type you would get an error on the application logic level, while 1039 indicates that it already fails on the low level socket connection level.
    This might be caused by the firewall or router.

    If you haven't changed the port in the server config, then 5055 is the correct one for UDP connections to the master server and also the default port that the client will attach to the address if it does not contain any port. 5056 and 5057 are for game server connections and those are handled internally by the client - you don't ever have to specify those ports yourself on the client side. 5058 is for the nameserver and therefor currently only relevant for the cloud.

    Have you tried connecting to
    The server runs on your local machine, not on another machine in the local network or a virtual one, right? If not, then please run int on your local machine to simply the scenario for now and see if it works for you there.

    Can you connect with the test LoadBalancing client from Photon Control? How about demo_loadBalancing that included in the Windows Client SDK?
  • Thank you
    i am replace
    client->connect(ExitGames::LoadBalancing::AuthenticationValues(), ExitGames::Common::JString(L"UR") + GETTIMEMS(), *serverAddress);

    client->connect(ExitGames::LoadBalancing::AuthenticationValues(), ExitGames::Common::JString(L"UR") + GETTIMEMS(), *serverAddress,ServerType::MASTER_SERVER);
    and it works
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