Is Chat AppID the same as PUN AppID?

I registered Photon Cloud and on my dashboard "All App" page, there is an AppID there. I used that AppID for PUN in my Unity editor, works fine. But when i input that same AppID in Photon Chat and tried to run Chat demo from Photon demo package, it always gave me the error "Chat Operation 5 unknown on server. Check your AppId and make sure it's for a Chat application." am i inputting the wrong chat AppID? if so, where shall i get chat AppID?


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    Hi @hyhy2018,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    No. Chat AppID is not the same as PUN AppID.

    PUN AppID is for a Realtime Application.
    Chat AppID is for a Chat Application.
    Realtime and Chat Applications are different and run on "different" clouds.
  • You get a Chat app at -> Create new app.
    Make sure to select the appropriate type.
  • Guys , if my app needs to send a single data multiple times to multiple users then which product would be better for me?
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    Hi @Prisma,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!
    single data multiple times to multiple users

    multiple times? how often per second?
    multiple users? how many?

    Photon Chat rooms can support more users but lower message rates (100 msg / second / channel compared to 500 msg / second / room in Photon Realtime/PUN etc.)

    Here are some other differences that could help you decide:
    • Photon Chat does not have matchmaking / lobby related features.
    • Photon Chat allows multiple channels at the same time, Photon Realtime does not have this.
    • Photon Chat allows direct communication between users, Photon Realtime does not have this.
    • Photon Chat server infrastructure includes 3 different server types, the client will only connect to two and won't have to switch servers once connected. Photon Realtime client will connect to 3 different server types and the client will have to switch between two servers when joining or leaving rooms.
    • Photon Chat does not support Nicknames out of the box.