I'm really impressed with photon cloud

I've been wanting to use Photon for a while now but I just hate server administration and all the time it sucks away from development. I just tried Photon cloud with the Viking demo and I'm really impressed. It just worked out of the box, this is THE best developer experience I've encountered from from any networking product.

I was trying to get photon to work with EC2 before this and that was a total nightmare. I haven't tried any load testing, I just hope whatever infrastructure you guys have built will stand up to the load.


  • PS. just to add, I totally did not expect Unity webplayer to work with Photon Cloud since I remember there being crossdomain restrictions. I built a webplayer deployment, uploaded it to a S3 bucket and started 1 instance from my local disk and 1 instance from the S3 bucket and both work flawlessly communicating with each other.

    I don't know how you guys did this, but that was awesome.
  • Tobias
    Hehe. Thanks for the great feedback!
    It's a pleasure to offer this service :)
  • dreamora
    Actually webplayers don't use crossdomain on udp / tcp lines, but a Socket Policy Server which photon implements :)